Ryan Russell


The last 5 years been apart of the biggest US-manufacturer of BMX bikes, with domestic manufacturing, along with international travel for overseas-made production and assembly. Working at S&M/Fit Bike Co, during this time I have been a big part of the quality control and product development of complete bikes, dozens of high-end/aftermarket parts, and in all stages of production. I’ve been responsible for quality assurance, finding solutions to manufacturing errors, and been involved with product development from a concept to a finished product. Specific areas of accomplishment and expertise include: • Inspected welds; finishes; and that final goods match design drawing and blueprints • Improved manufacturing processes to be more efficient and error free • Helped developed the 2016 Fit Complete Bike line from bill of materials, choosing geometry, part specification, and executing oversea production Personally, I’ve been involved in the action and outdoor sports for well over a decade. Being a part of this culture I possess some useful insights to a targeted demographic. I love being challenged and being a part of something I can relate to. With a background in action sports, product development, and US & International manufacturing, I’d be a positive contributing force to a team.