Zachary Taylor


I am a professional golfer who started in the sport at the age of 4. My interest in the sport has directed my path for both educational and career choices leading me from the University of Oregon to the Professional Golfers Career College in California while I continued to pursue my professional golf career. During this time, I was approached by a close friend and colleague (also a professional golfer) to assist in the start up of a business in Orange County, California where I became an expert in the field of custom club fitting.

The involvement I had in the start-up of the Company and my direct exposure to many facets of the operations of the business enabled me to develop specialized knowledge in golf equipment of various manufacturers. During this part of my career, I developed strong capabilities within sales and customer relationship management exhibited through my individual grossing of over $3 million in sales over a period of just over four years.

In more recent years, I have had the opportunity to work amongst a multi-functional and entrepreneurial team to utilize and further develop my skillset within the golf manufacturing environment in the industry. My exposure and direct involvement in activities and projects within several cross-functional departments including custom initiatives, fitting, customer service, R&D, sales, marketing and operations has provided me a with a solid and well-rounded understanding of the business that supports my ability to deliver high levels of service and leadership to my team and other stakeholders.

My ultimate goal is to come in each day, do my job well, learn and grow as part of a team by identifying a position that provides me a development path. With my diverse, yet golf segment-specific knowledge base, I feel I have a lot to offer a company both currently and in the future.