Stephen Casaceli


• Design and develop new product concepts and designs, and integrate them into current market. • Lead website design focused on providing a unique and memorable user experience. • Spearhead social media plan development to establish a consistent and impactful brand message, which increased customer base by 348% in just 2 months. • Develop creative and impactful ad product experiences that show month-to-month increased engagement of 40-52% from non-followers and 30-47% from followers on Instagram and Facebook. • Used statistical software to gather, interpret, and track this interaction data. • Maintain active communication and strong business partnerships with local and global suppliers to ensure timely delivery and quality of services. • Host social events to promote the brand and establish local brand presence. • Oversee online sales operations and company events, which improved sales revenue by 66% in second quarter of first product line. • Evaluate clients’ financial information and situation to provide best options for their needs and interests. • Regularly interface with more than 100 clients monthly, utilizing a consultative approach to support them in making decisions between available options. • Build relationships with clients by keeping them apprised of progress and maintaining regular communication. • Closely collaborate with various internal departments to facilitate timely and accurate client information analysis and delivery of product options