Jared Cody


On my resume, you will see that I have a good amount of experience when it comes to responsibility and leadership. While I have held several positions and offices in which I was charged with leading a group to perform a set of tasks, you will also see that I have lead by example as well with all my volunteer work. It is this experience that leads me to believe that I can succeed in this, and any position set before me. My bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies shows that I am capable of communicating and speaking effectively with employees as well as any clients that may have problems or questions. My past experience at Shaw Industries, Inc. developed my knowledge to excel in sales and understanding of how to market a product effectively. It also shows that I have the ability to critically think, problem solve, and make decisions on my feet. Through my community service work, I have shown that I am selfless and devoted and I do my best to make sure that my values are evident in my actions. My most recent venture as a partner in Ydoc, Inc. has really given me a new perspective of responsibility when it comes to working for a company. I realize the importance of teamwork and self determination to accomplish goals.