Sonia Rosales


Marketing Professional. Specialized in Latino cultural trends, brand strategy, ethnic landscape of Southern California. Skills include Business Development, strong client relationship building, Lead Generation, Public Relations, Digital, Management, Sales and Revenue driver, Event Planner. I have had the privilege of working in Marketing, Sales, Media, Retail, Customer Service,Management, and a variety of other exceptional experience I have acquired in my career. I love learning and I believe that I can learn something from everyone I interact with everyday. I have learned the most important lessons about humility,work ethic,and integrity from the Latino Community around me. I believe that passion is the driving force for all successful careers. A company with passionate employees will thrive and grow because ideas will flow from everyone and ownership of the brand will live in all that reside in the dream that each and every persons voice matters. My passion lies in advertising, marketing,and public relations. My hope is that in my industry and my line of work I can make a difference in business and through the community that I work and play in.