Shannon Clark


Shannon is a graduate of Fairfield University's MFA program and recipient of the Fairfield Literary Fellowship award. During her MFA career, Shannon took on the publishing industry, having internships in editorial with presses like Hudson Whitman/Excelsior College Press, Tupelo Press, and stood as Masons Road Literary Magazine's Production Manager for 4 consecutive launches. Publishing interests aside, Shannon is an aspiring author. Just this last year, Shannon found her passion in Young Adult writing, her mentor Hollis Seamon (author of "Somebody Up There Hates You"?) working with her one-on-one to create a YA novel that will hopefully pave the way for acknowledgment of the disease Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease. She has finished two paranormal adult books of a ten book series she plans to finish, Folio Literary calling it a "future smash hit."? Actively seeking agent representation for her first YA novel, she is now working on a YA paranormal series that completely redefines the history of Egypt and its pyramids. Shannon is currently pursuing a career in marketing, media, or publishing while obtaining her credentials in early childhood education.