Kim  Hardy

Kim Hardy

Account Executive at Alexis Day Agency
Currently: Editorial Staff at
Location: Canoga Park CA
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I have two main goals they are to be successful and to prosper in everything I do . With those two things it drives me to achieve my goals and aspiration I put forth for myself. I have the experience that most have yet to receive and a visionary outlook with an optimistic personality. I have been fortunate to work at record labels such as Rocafella, Def Jam records and also with New York most successful Fashionista June Ambrose. Through those jobs I have had hands on experience to go out and make great things happen. Now with the knowledge I have endured through the years. I can now say that I have great knowledge of the entertainment industry. I also continue to learn on other areas of the entertainment industry. I have began my journey on the road to success starting off with my first big MTV televised event with Aaron Reid (LA Reid's son) for his 21st birthday bash in Atlanta. To working an event for Adidas during fashion week in NYC.Then moved on to working as an Executive Administrative Director for a company based in DC, also worked with a Pop, EDM group called Kooly Bros. I am now focused on working to make my presence in the Entertainment business which includes making an impact in the music world, TV, Films, Tours and major international Festivals as well as being apart of the editorial staff for the luxury brand media outlet I am so Thankful for all my experiences and the people I have crossed paths with, in which has prepared me for my own GREATNESS!! Specialties: Executive Creative Director, Product Placements, Lifestyle Marketing and Media, Social and New Media Artist Relations, Project Management, Technology, Entertainment Marketing, Event Planning + Production, Cultural Media and Consumer Insights, Writing and Editing.

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  • Event planning
  • Travel
  • Luxe lifestyle
  • Business strategizing
  • Entertainment
  • All genres of music
  • Production
  • Product design
  • Team leadership and efforts
  • Books in economics and investments and all things outdoors.
  • no sports
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