Osaghale Aisagbonhi


Have you ever dreamed of something your whole life and that same dream continuously awakes you every night... I decided to finally seize that dream and literally purchased a one-way ticket to LA to follow my heart in apparel design. I've been designing apparel since I was a freshman in high school and I know I'm more than ready to make this dream a reality and embark on this journey of becoming a distinguished designer for the long run. I'm more than confident that I will be a great attribute on the team and convinced through the will of my passion, work ethic and drive I will be a beneficial member that helps transcend the creative initiative of the brand. I'm ready to accomplish what I came out here to do and I will not settle for anything less than greatness. I hope really this opportunity can come to fruition so that I not only represent the quality of excellence as an employee, but also continue to wake up to the same dream that has kept me inspired to live the dream to the fullest.