Cameron Hansen


Over the past decade I have dedicated my talents and career aspirations to the properties of Herschend Family Entertainment in Branson, Missouri. I have grown to appreciate a company with values at its core… that also shares a sense of camaraderie, and the ability to continually meet and exceed guest expectations. The mission of Herschend Family Entertainment is to “create memories worth repeating”. This idea has grown in me and is something I am passionate about in all of my endeavors. I am a graduate of the prestigious Music/Dance/Theater program from Brigham Young University. I have spent much of my life honing my talents as an entertainer. In 2004, pursuing fame and fortune, we (my wife and I) brought our talents to Branson Missouri. Many of these talents have provided great avenues into other career opportunities; including Sales, Marketing, Producing and Event Management. Most recently I hung up my tap shoes and now handle the Marketing, and Special Events for Silver Dollar City and the Showboat Branson Belle. So, why hire me?? 1. I’m a Mormon! Now you may be asking yourself “what does that have to do with anything”? I will tell you! In general, active members of the church bring with them of sense of ethics and honesty. We are taught to “lead with love”, give and serve. We are loyal, and passionate employees and we love a good challenge! 2. I’m an entertainer! A large portion of my life has been spent on the stage and in front of millions of people. Entertainers don’t get “sick days” and we are expected to be at the top of our game every day. Each individual guest is looking for a unique experience, a new family memory, or maybe just an escape from their “9-5” life. Entertainers provide that. Plus we memorize, improvise, and excel and customer satisfaction. 3. I currently work for the largest privately held Entertainment Company in the world! Our Sales and Events team handles everything from Cub Scouts to Corporate Giants (Bass Pro, Cobalt Boats, Cox Medical…to name a few). We handle all these events from conception to conclusion… and all the little nuances that make them work. We market, sell, negotiate, design and produce everything from travel accommodations to world-class entertainment! As you can see, I am a “Jack of all trades”! I help with everything from Sales and Marketing, to auditioning and producing….and everything in between! I am the current representative at national trade shows, hold an active chair on several committees in our local CVB, and I get the privilege of working with companies and groups from all over the country to sell, produce, and plan one-of-a-kind events.