Vladislav Golovin


?SUMMARY? I build potent business strategies that produce results, bolstered by many years of global experience helping companies grow brand recognition, revenue and profits. I possess a winning blend of strategic, sales, marketing, leadership, management and communications acumen. I am an effective professional that can contribute instantly to your company’s growth. With a variety of experiences in multiple sectors, I bring strong expertise to marketing, sales and strategy teams, making them smash targets. I speak English, Russian and Japanese, with technical proficiency in Salesforce CRM, Pipeliner CRM, MS Office, Google Products and SaaS tools. In addition to strong expertise in traditional methods and channels, I also have extensive expertise in online marketing, SEO, social media marketing and omni-channel. ?UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION? ? I design and execute effective marketing and business development strategies (for targeted products, services and markets) that produce results, both domestically and internationally. I'm equally effective in established, start-up and transitional environments. ? My success is driven by my solid people skills and ability to build relationships with people at all levels. ?CAREER HIGHLIGHTS? ? Strong cross-functional expertise: Management || Complex Sales || Marketing || Business Development || Business Consulting || Strategy || Project Management || Cross-functional teams ? Diverse Industry Expertise: - Consulting || Sales and Marketing Effectiveness || Training || Change Management - Oil || Gas || Lubricants || Energy || EPC - Technology || Internet Marketing || SEO || SMM || SaaS || CRM ? Passionate about effective systems in general and CRM in particular (Salesforce CRM). ? Global Expertise: I worked in the USA, Japan, Russia, UAE, United Kingdom, South East Asia and Liechtenstein. I speak fluent English, Russian and Japanese. ? [email protected] Twitter: @bestintlbiz Blog: http://vladislav.co