Steve Libbey


I have a broad base of skills in design and development, garnered through years of experience as a Front End Developer and UX Designer. Because of my hybrid skillset, I am frequently involved in all the stages of implementing applications or websites, from planning to design to execution. My passion is to create intuitive and memorable user experiences with the latest and most supported web technologies. Having a wealth of experience in design strongly informs my CSS and HTML5 development (along with other technologies). I bring projects to design fidelity in the build quickly and painlessly, and function as a resource for both the designers and developers on the team. While the majority of my experience has been in design and development, I have also served in management and project coordination roles, which have helped me become an effective team member, communicator, and lead developer. Specialties: UX/UI, HTML5/CSS websites and applications, Javascript/jQuery, Foundation/Bootstrap/Dojo, Windows 8 applications, conceptualization and design.