Garret Crispi


I refuse to walk carefully through life, only to look back and think “what if”. I prefer to keep life wide open with eyes focused on a specific goal, but ready to conquer anything. I pray that when I go down I look back and exclaim, “that was one hell of a ride!”, regretting nothing, but living for everything. I am a Business Major with an emphasis in Marketing at California State University, San Marcos graduating in May 2016. I have worked for several different companies in the action apparel and sports industry and I am currently looking for opportunities to work in the industries I love. I have amassed vast knowledge in retail, social media marketing, marketing, and management over my many years working in the professional world. I am an avid outdoorsmen with a passion for motocross, fishing and hunting. I am constantly looking for the next adventure with a hunger for experiencing all that the world has to offer.