Dax Hardy


*Professional Goals: To obtain a position in Sports Sales/Marketing that equally aligns my qualifications and experience with the companies needs and desires. (ie. inside/outside sales rep, marketing manager, sports marketing, event marketing manager etc.) Summary: I'm very passionate about all things sports. Whether it be the actual sporting event, equipment, apparel, products used, marketing of the athletes or sales of the tickets, I love sports. I plan on being involved in sports in any facet during my career. I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish. I believe being bilingual increases my marketability heavily. I've been provided the opportunity to give tech presentations about Oakley eyewear in Spanish in Miami and Mexico City, ever increasing my vocabulary, fluency and confidence. I have a decade of extensive experience in the hospitality/customer service industry. I worked in multiple restaurant and hotel positions through high school and college, including: Management, Bartending, Valet, Serving, Kitchen and Bussing. The experience and understanding obtained in these positions have proven invaluable in my current position.