Tim Lierman


An enthusiastic and creative Multimedia Design and Production Professional, I’m experienced in project management and art direction and specialize in the translation of an initial marketing concept through to a successful advertising campaign. I have 14 years of visual design experience and an ability to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment to your organization. Such skills are in addition to my fully-realized computer proficiencies, particularly in Adobe creative suite, HTML and CSS and I possess a working understanding of JavaScript. I respond quickly to changing circumstances and enjoy mastering new processes, tools and computer programs. Renowned for being highly detail-oriented (somewhat of a perfectionist), I’m driven to satisfy customer needs when completing complex and inspired projects. I also strongly believe that the biggest sense of accomplishment comes with the success achieved through teamwork. Demonstrating attention to detail, team leadership and excellent communication skills, I have the ability and experience to efficiently divide and organize workflow to satisfy even the most exacting of customer requirements. Able to articulate ideas of style, color, dimension, content and delivery both verbally and visually, I have the ability to communicate clearly and deliver information in an eye-catching and easy-to-understand manner. I take rough outlines to fully realized works, ready for transition to other stages of production. I am now looking for a challenging new position where I can leverage my professional experiences and personal qualifications to add value and make a meaningful contribution to a new creative team. If you can assist me in achieving this career objective, don’t hesitate to contact me via [email protected]