Erick Durazo

Erick Durazo

Business Administrator: Business Development | Logistics | Project Management | Supply Chain Operations

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Top performing and innovative hybrid business administrator who offers more than ten years of experience in all facets of logistics, procurement, business development, administration and sales operations. In a highly competitive environment with a high degree of integrity with a passion for my job. I’m highly productive, efficient with a continuous improvement mentality, highly organized, with excellent communication skills, leadership and with a winning attitude.

Results - oriented and dedicated to cost effective solutions and viable with proven ability to achieve the desired results, I can deliver in any high-pressure environment and meet established goals.

Always thinking outside the box to make things better in the working enviroment, always providing new and fresh ideas..

Currently I'm looking into new ventures such as entrepreneurship in the short, medium and long term. I'm always open to job offers, projects and business ideas, I make a great business partner (If your looking for one you won't regret) that is located in a strategic part in the world or if your looking for a great asset to make your company grow i'm the one, just give me the opportunity and I will give you positive results.

Feel free to contact me.