Ryan Meinzer

Ryan Meinzer

Hustler. Adrenaline junkie. Seeking a job in the action sports industry in Southern California

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By age 16, I sold $20K worth of kitchen knives to strangers. By age 25, I founded PlaySay Inc. with investment from the Director of PayPal, Japan. I led PlaySay to a $2M valuation, created a #1 ranked iPhone app and was ultimately acquired by Babbel. I was the #1 ranked sales engineer of Salesforce's 15 person ramped team of Heroku my last six quarters.

I've been recognized in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, New York Times, TechCrunch, Washington Post, Japan Times, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine and World News.

My dream is to marry my lifelong passion of action sports with a job in the industry. I want to join a company where I may leverage my passion, innovation and hustle to create long-term value from products, customers and relationships.

Sales at Heroku/Salesforce

• #1 sales rep of the 15 person ramped sales team Q1 & Q2 of 2015 (210% annualized quota)
• #1 sales rep of the 15 person ramped sales team of 2014 (287% quota)
• MVP of 2014 as voted by the 15 person ramped sales team
• #1 sales rep of the three person ramped sales team of 2013 (202% quota)
• Top 1% volunteer of the 10K person Salesforce Bay Area employee base of 2015
• Developed, sold and supported products with cross-functional teams including runtime, routing, API, languages, data services, security, operations, partners, enterprise, marketing and support

Product at PlaySay

• Created a #1 ranked USA iPhone app and scaled value proposition for #1 app in 10 countries
• Oversaw key vertical analysis and P&L to ultimately increase repeat purchases by 200% YoY
• Captured 18% of target market through SEO, page optimization and SEM (with 60% ROI)
• Ascertained market, defined product value prop's, validated product market fit hypotheses
• Interpreted complex data sets to monitor, report and optimize key performance indicators
• Leveraged customer development, market research, usability studies and competitive and industry analysis to identify market opportunity, determine business case, define product vision, design UI/UX, plan go-to-market strategy and lead agile development through the critical path