Mark Sherwinsky

Mark Sherwinsky

Operations Manager at Texas Microelecronics Corporaion

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Dear Talent Acquisition Team,

I am writing as a candidate for a full-time position. I'm currently an Operations Manager out of an electrical engineering oil and gas company out of Houston. I'm a Psychology major out of Penn State turned Naval Aviator flying helicopters. Then I switched to Flight Operations and after getting honorably discharged from the Navy, I started my own company and became a water distributor back in Connecticut. After a year, I decided to head to Houston and I realized I enjoyed my time as a Flight Operations Officer so I decided to hunt out a position in that career path. A couple months later I found the position I currently have as an Operations Manager. All of the job responsibilities listed in the job description I already handle in my current position. I have a lot of qualities that this position requires and allows for growth potentially to that position when it's needed. I'm second in command here in a small oil and gas company in electrical engineering and my boss has groomed me to take over here but the oil and gas industry is in the dumps and I don't see a future in it. I also wear many hats and am very adaptable. I’m the buyer, demand planner, inventory analyst/manager, purchasing/receiving department, business sales analyst, office manager, inside sales representative/customer service representative, accounting manager. This position has allowed me understand how a small business works daily, fiscally, and efficiently. I have no attachments here and have been wanting to move back to an outdoors/mountain bike prone city. I feel like I've reached the end of my time here and I'm ready for a new challenge. This is the position I believe that can allow me to prove myself and show the company I’m here to stick around with for years. I have no problem taking on other responsibilities not listed in the job description and to help ease the burden of work load for those in other positions as well overtime. I've gained a lot of experience in my current position that translates to this position. I'm from Connecticut and grew up in the outdoors essentially and looking for a new start and a place I can settle. I dig the culture and of what I can tell, the passion in the organization.

In addition to my journey, I regularly participated in high-level strategic initiatives regarding forecasting and planning for engineering projects, strategic alliances with vendors, industry benchmarking, operational efficiency, budgeting, inside sales and customer service, and compliance with quality policy. Throughout these experiences, I served as the main contact between content teams, technical teams, engineering teams, customers, vendors, and decision-making units. I was responsible for evaluating analytics, identifying improvement opportunities, defining business and technical requirements, and presenting my findings to the President. Resourcefulness, astute decision-making and time management were key to these initiatives, and I have honed these skills in each experience. Your company offers the passionate perspective in the industry and strategic challenges that I’m attracted to. Furthermore, as an avid athlete, outdoors fan and brand enthusiast, I am confident of my fit with the culture, passion, and creativity I would bring to this job. Beyond the specifics of my resume, I thrive in fast-paced, dynamic work environments. I am a problem-solver and a creative-thinker with the “go get it” attitude. I am adept at gathering information across organizations and making good decisions with the information available. In each of my past roles, I was accountable to the results of my decisions and, as a result, have developed a healthy pragmatism, an eye for anticipating implementation challenges, and best practices in finding solutions. Finally, I have a global mindset and work well with colleagues of different backgrounds and experience.

I'd really appreciate the opportunity to join. Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application. I am greatly looking forward to hearing from you.