Dana Baker


I'm a successful, hard-working, passionate professional eager to find my place serving others through bringing my uniquely analytical skill-set to a focused and empowering team. With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, I’ve developed strong analytical, problem-solving skills, and with accounting education and experience, I’ve applied my studies toward ensuring the most efficient and precise accounting processes. As a Junior Accountant and A/R Specialist, I've successfully performed many of the duties of a staff accountant as well as proven I can easily pick up and accurately execute accounting tasks or projects assigned to me. I meet deadlines, work late, and maintain a calm and positive attitude while ensuring my work is precise. I recently moved from a small town in the northern Yosemite area down to San Diego to focus on an accounting career with an energetic company enthusiastically pursuing a meaningful mission. I'm now eager to bring my skills, knowledge, and passion to such a cause and earn my place as part of a team truly making a difference for others. Thank you, Dana