Matthew Kennett


The sum of our experiences can be judged upon the relationships we have forged and nurtured across the span of out lifetimes. I have been in "sales"? my entire life but only officially since I was hired by L-5 surgical in 2003. It took the perspective of my professional experience to realize that in my first career as a Key Grip in film production I was actually in program or project management. Every film starts out as a plan or a blue print in the form of a script. What follows is a highly complicated and industry specific form of project management that involves script breakdowns, time management, budgeting, planning, interdepartmental communication, and the daily execution of a thousand individual moving parts. I consider my strongest skills organization, time management, budgeting, business development, project and program management and implementation. What I have come to realize is the strength of the relationship is the actual currency traded in business. I often find the word "sales"? a pejorative term and gently correct people that I am in the business of relationships. Describing what I do as "sales"? is akin to saying that I exist in the middle of a transaction on a daily basis, and that is an inaccurate description of what it is I do each day. "Progress is mans ability to complicate simplicity" -Thor Hyerdahl