Tyler Anthony


Past While many people's fascinations with animation derive drom Disney or Pixar movies, mine began with a gorilla and his red tie; you may know him better as Donkey Kong. Playing Donkey Kong Country, among various other titles, catapulted my interest in animation - more specifivally in video games. I was inspired by the vast worlds one could explore, as well as the characters these worlds could be explored with. My career focus of working in game design lead me down the path of animation even futher, as that was the one facet that intrigued me the most about the game design proecess. My eagerness to create products that immersed players into amazing experiences through games continued to grow throughout my college career. Present Now, as an animator, my goal is to help create interactive entertainment that will delight its audiences and truly leave an impact via the experiences players encounter. As for myslef, I want my work to come alive and really showcase my passion for animation.