Leah Palomino


Having built my own successful business, I understand the necessity of developing and maintaining relationships that allow for the best in everyone, while still dealing with challenges at hand effectively and efficiently by means of effective communication and a natural ability to assess needs and adjust accordingly. I possess the experience and motivation to work hard with sincerity, flexibility and a sense of humor. I am fully committed to premier customer service where emphasis is always placed upon creating a lasting, memorable experience through superior customer service. This has been accomplished through excellent communication skills, on-going industry training and education, the ability to remain calm under pressure and mastering the art of multi-tasking. You will note much of my background consists of the business jet travel industry as a Contract Corporate Flight Attendant. Having provided service to aircraft owners and charter clients domestically as well as internationally, I bring a keen anticipation to the needs and desires of my high profile passengers. Menu planning and creating a culinary experience ranks highly in my priority of service. This has required a great deal of organization and time management skills. I am a warm, sincere and attractive woman that exudes a positive attitude creating a level of comfort in others that leads to quick bonds with my crew. Seasons have changed in my life and this has led me to seek a career that will keep my feet on the ground. I enjoy an active lifestyle that includes Entertaining, Mountain Biking, Backpacking, Tennis, Snorkeling, Cooking, Scrap booking and Volunteering. I am confident I possess the organizational, personal and professional skills required to bring excellence with integrity to your operation and lifestyle. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing how I can make a contribution to the continued success of your company.