Jim Landgraf


I believe in the power of change. I believe in the ability to work at a micro-level while maintaining a macro-level view. I believe in the power of people and have a goal to get as many of them as I can working to the level of their potential instead of to the level of their comfort. I believe in creating candid environments where honesty is more important than worry. I believe in challenging everything and be challenged by what I do and who I'm doing it with. I believe in pushing myself and those around me. Everywhere I've been and everything I've done has led me to where I am. My confidence stems not only from what I know and what I've done, but from the knowledge that I have so much more to learn. In any environment I will rise to the top, in the right environment I will raise the top. I am an agent for change with a high-level business acumen and a passion for discovery. I am as comfortable creating and analyzing data metrics as I am using them to develop stronger business infrastructures and a more efficient work force. I enjoy sharing what I have learned as well as learning from others. I got to where I'm at by getting my hands dirty. I've learned by paying attention and pushing the envelope. I have always taken a grass roots approach to building infrastructure. Almost everywhere I've been, I've built the systems and tools myself and have a great understanding about how to gather and use data because of it. Specialties: Soft Skills Project management - industrial or service jobs Process Improvement Organizational Change Management Business Analytics Workforce Training and Development Organizational Change Management Asset Management - on and off road assets Purchasing - RFQ, RFP Cash Management/Forecasting Budgeting and Finance management Full P&L responsibilities