Tommy Lindeman

Tommy Lindeman

Community Engagement Strategist

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I love connecting with passionate people. You could say that's my passion. Helping others fully live an experience, make what they love to do accessible, and facilitate "flow" as a platform for their happiness; that's what it's all about. That's why I'm a Community Engagement Strategist.

I've crossed the streams between my expertise in marketing and my affinity for the outdoors. Whether it be through Capital Lakes DragonFest, the Wisconsin Hoofers, or Rutabaga Paddlesports, I've used my skills in project management and creative ideation to harmonize the business and outdoors sides of myself.

Even so, I'm addicted to progression. I intend to continue forging my marketing skills to a white-hot edge and to soak up the intricacies of the outdoor industry. I'm looking for my next step.

If you think it's with you, let's get in touch.