Bobby Nigg


In my career I have ascertained the skills of sport management, marketing, operations, customer service, organization and event coordination. My passionate attributes are also very adaptable and I believe my problem-solving qualities allow me to assess all elements in a given project or job. My dedicated work ethic and my willingness to learn drive me to achieve all tasks in front of me. My proficient skills on a computer, creative writing dexterities, and powerful presence in public speaking also make me a commodity in the business world. Furthermore, I am an excellent team member who finds it important to hear out all opinions before making a sustainable decision. Consequently, I also know that there are times to be a leader and step up to the challenge to logically make the right choice. In addition, my involvement in obtaining my Masters in London and studying a semester in Newcastle, Australia has given me great cultural and international exposure permitting me to experience the diversity in a scholarly and sport-related atmosphere. It is enlightening to meet and associate with people from around the world and it has definitely given me confidence and more insight to how cultures and people intermix in a business and social setting. Overall, my devoted and enthusiastic approach allows me to go out and take the initiative. Being a student-athlete my whole life taught me how to carry a large workload and also how important time management, multi-tasking and communication is between colleagues and a company. Therefore, my ethical attitude and my ability to learn new ideas and skills swiftly make me a promising candidate for a position at any company.