Luke Weston


I have years' worth of experience going above and beyond for customers. At Tom Bihn, a designer, made-in-America travel bag company, I was on the front line of the customer experience every day. I answered customer emails and phone calls, handled all order changes, resolved all discrepancies between our customers and our shipping couriers, wrote email templates, fulfilled orders, and managed available stock in our shopping cart software. Simply put, if it involved the customer I was on top of it. Recently, I have left IEH Analytical, a chemistry testing laboratory, where I received and logged in all samples for testing and communicated with clients about any discrepancies between samples received and the lab paperwork. This position required extremely high attention to detail and the ability to communicate with our clients clearly and articulately, with a high degree of accuracy. I am currently employed in a contract position with an online marketplace that can be terminated at any time. I would love the opportunity to discuss what I have to offer.