Breana Fortney


I started my life out racing quads in a local backwoods race competition we used to do. After a few accidents, I discovered my love for art! I dabbled in school for a little while, trying out different classes to see what sparked my fancy and when that got too expensive, I joined the Marine Corps. While I was enlisted, I fell in love motorcycles. Street, Cruiser, dirt, I didn't care as long as it had 2 wheels and an engine over 250cc. I got a few "in's" with a couple motorcycle clubs and began painting and designs gas tanks, full fairing kits, helmets, even vinyl stickers for dirt bikes and cars. While the drama of the MC world proved to be too much for me, I still do the occasional helmet design or fairing kit design. I am currently looking at exactly how I want to paint both my GSXR as well as my partner's. Along with the "Bike Life" I worked in while I was enlisted, I was also commissioned by 2 units I was in for logo design as well as T-Shirt design and production for the Air shows. Multiple small design jobs often times were sparked from these 2 main commissions. To preoccupy my time outside the "Bike Life", I attended the Art Institute of California and Graduated in December 2015 with Class Honors with a Associate of Science Graphic Design Degree. I am currently looking for freelance work to preoccupy my time and grow my portfolio, but I would rather work in a field, exactly like the Troy Lee SuperCross, Motorcross and even the Street field of the bike world, and I would love the opportunity to do it full or even part time. I currently operate, by myself, a Home services business where I do carpet cleaning, house cleaning, organizing, and other house-care tasks to pay the bills. I am still learning every day what I can to advance my design skills and always further expanding on past projects to make them better than before. Art and Bikes are my world (as well as some volunteer work with rescue and shelter dogs).