Christopher Webb


Christopher obtains an undergraduate and graduate degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University in Alabama. Christopher's passion and enjoyment is working with people to understand a problem and develop a solution based on their requirements. As part of his graduate thesis, he designed a system to reduce the amount of organic waste disposed in trash. This included detailed theories on how to engage a community to recycle waste through ease of use and incentives. His tenure at Auburn University has developed Christopher with a strong background in product research, ideation, prototyping, testing and production. He has exemplary model making skills and the ability to quickly and effectively convey an idea/product to potential clients through sketching and other mediums. Christopher has had significant exposure to design and development processes that range from soft goods, machining, vacuum forming and wood/metalworking to name a few. He has vast knowledge of the 3D design programs SolidWorks and Rhino, and experience creating parts, assemblies, exploded views, surface renderings and simulations within Solidworks. Christopher is very sociable as well as an effective communicator. He enjoy connecting with a wide variety of people with varying backgrounds.