Gao Nou Moua


re.source | Product Designer | June 2012-September 2013 Initiated, lead, prototyped, and designed low-cost dry composting toilets. Prototyped front piece of the toilet using HDPE, Acrylic, and LDPE. A business model was drafted for shipping the toilets to Mozambique. In addition, I prototyped and designed a dispenser for the toilets and fly traps. Vacuum formed over 150 urine diverters that are now used in Shada, Haiti. Undergraduate Advising and Research | Student Worker | September 2011-June 2013 Worked on various projects such as the Stanford Immersion in Medicine Series (SIMS), Approaching Stanford, Admit Weekend, and Majors Night. Work included organizing events and projects, communicating with fellow classmates and undergraduate advisors. Skills acquired include Microsoft Excel, communication, advising, and organizing.