Hyukwoo(Lyan) Kwon


My name is Hyukwoo(Lyan) Kwon, I graduated from Art Center College of Design in spring 2015 as transportation interior design major. When I was in school for mechanical engineering, I worked on technical layouts of small vehicles. The more I became involved with cars, the more intrigued I was in the form and design, and this is when I decided to further my studies as transportation design major at Art Center College of Design. Last year, during the 6-month internship at a product startup company that was less than 3 years old, I learned many valuable lessons that I didn’t have to opportunity to encounter at school. I was fascinated by the relationship between the manufactured products and the process of bringing a new concept on to the current product market, and this led to me to the industrial design field. During this work experience, I felt more passionate about the interior design and function of cars, which had deeper relationship with human interface in a physical way. Not only that, but the more I worked with interior, the more I became interested in human related space and product element. Also, I enjoyed the new concept process, not just the productive perspective of view, but coming up with a new way of looking at the design of the product based on a specific story. My portfolio shows the story of future Oakley. With the advent of 3d printing technology, product companies became better suited to incorporating more complex designs. This with Oakley brand’s design language, made it possible to envision the future story of the progression in the design industry. Above all, I chose Oakley to emphasize Oakley’s image of developing sports goggles, watch, boots all of which contained the sporty and protective design elements that aligned well with transportation interior design. My website is LyanDesign.space.