Rod Jonas


I'm an exceptional candidate for employment with your company. I fell in love with the creative process of building a business when I was a child. I grew up with two executive sales reps for parents and quickly learned that everything in life is about the sell. However, as an artist, I always focussed on the relationship aspects of sales because I learned the value of a powerful network in my youth and how that can contribute to ones success. As a serial entrepreneur, business and trade became my playground or favorite sport. Therefore, over the course of my life my broad experience has improved my success rate of contribution, which is a part of what makes me a fit for most marketing or brand development positions. I've done this before, I often say. I have experience in the highest level of sourcing and manufacturing to creating brand building marketing campaigns and sales. Above all, what defines my fit is my passion for people and business. Character and virtue are the essentials in building anything meant to last. While ideas come to life when people catch your vision for its impact and value. I love the creative process of discovering new ways to produce true value for products and services. It's the great exchange of treasure for trade. I hope you will consider me for your company and I'm grateful for the opportunity!