Hope Silverman


I'm an experienced leader and manager, with extensive music industry experience, and track record of optimizing resources, to maximize operating efficiencies and profits.Also a superb communicator, and collaborator, who builds successful and enduring relationships with clients, staff, and management. I've been involved in music retail for nearly two decades, beginning at CBGB's Record Canteen, moving onto HMV, then Virgin Megastore, working my way up from sales associate, to regional manager. I was subsequently approached by Martin Mills, founder of Beggars Group, to run the new Rough Trade Shop in Brooklyn in 2009, which was a complete thrill and honor . And in August of 2014, I started a record label with a partner, called 80N7, which has been a truly amazing, and gratifying experience thus far. My whole career has been devoted to finding, sharing, promoting, and selling music both in person on the retail front, as well digitally, via my label, blog, and social media. I remain wholly passionate and devoted to it, eager to embrace, and tackle all the future challenges this business presents ! HIGHLIGHTED ACHIEVEMENTS : • Promoted 3x at Virgin Megastore, ultimately becoming Regional Manager, for the 2 highest grossing locations. • Created extensive merchandising plan at Virgin, specifically skewed to customer base, that increased sales from $ 500k to $ 3 million, in less than a year. • Personally asked by Beggars Group founder, Martin Mills, to manage flagship Rough Trade Shop in Brooklyn. • Worked directly with vendor partners to curate, and create exclusive releases. • Booked artists for Rough Trade grand opening and subsequent events, igniting traffic, creating awareness, and garnering substantial press globally. • Founded independent record label, 80N7, specializing in finding undiscovered artists, and releasing music both physically, and digitally, leading to considerable press and radio attention