Jorge Palafox-camarena


2015-2016 Am-mex International Customs Brokers (Current job) Position: Manager Assistant (Full-Time Position) Activities: Data entry, inventories, housekeeping, receiving, inspecting, storing, shipping, and delivering merchandise. 2010-2014 Sistemas y Servicios Ambientales, S.A. de C.V. Position: Environmental Health and Safety Engineer (Full-Time Position) Activities: Analysis and development of environmental, health and safety projects at automotive, medical and aerospace industry-Inspection of pressure vessels and boilers accord Mexican regulations (safety valves - pressure gauges - physical and documental inspection)-Non- destructive test technician in pressure vessels and boilers-Support as a computer technician-Computer-aided designer. 2006-2007 Giga Red Ingeniería Position: Computer Technician (Full-Time Position) Activities: Installation of software and computer maintenance.