George Colon


As a Digital Marketing Coordinator at ViSalus I focused on designing user-friendly web pages for I was tasked with many important responsibilities at ViSalus, from editing Drupal web pages to coordinating and managing projects. I tracked these tasks and projects with JIRA ticketing system. I was an advocate of user experience research and design and SEO practices. With my focus in UX design, I was the first person in the company to sitemap the flagship website During my time at Penguin Publishing, now known as Penguin Random House, I have been tasked with developing mobile ready digital representations of the printed product. This includes optimizing the text and design for mobile devices, as well as adding interactivity and multimedia to the content. In order to create a polished product for our consumers, I have to be knowledgeable in a vast array of systems and programs, including but not limited to HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Git, Adobe Creative products. My previous experiences have required me to assume a variety of roles and, as result, I understand the technical aspects and inner workings of multimedia and interactivity in addition to being able to produce beautifully designed products. I believe my diverse background gives me a unique perspective that will be an asset in making crucial contributions to any organization.