Nicolas Angilello


My experience over the years with creating digital media content has be a main focal point of my career. Continuing with my background working with the latest in post-production software and managing a crew only has highlighted it more. Over the past years my time has involved management of a team of editors, DP’s and PA’s for a local production studio. My post-production software experience with Adobe Premiere started 15 years ago and has continued with an array of knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite with primary focus with After Effects Photoshop and Illustrator. I also have many years of background with Final Cut 7 and 10, Motion, DaVinci Resolve and other leading post-production programs. Some of my other production experience includes directing live streams for musical act that involves multiple camera setups and working with camera operators and crew to insure only the best broadcast was transmitted. I also produced a number of live Internet TV shows on YouTube over the past couple years. Much of that experience with technical direction displayed my ability to work under pressure kept the production under budget and finish in the scheduled time. My primary specialty is producing high quality content tailored to the production’s needs based on my superior production experience. I evaluate a production’s goals and come up with an organized plan in the most ideal format to provide a quality video to maximize the effectiveness of the budget. I am able to meet the needs of a wide variety of productions because I have the experience and technical capabilities to get the job done right. Specialties: Chroma Key, Lighting, Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Directing, Encoding of Digital Media, DSLR Cameras, 4K Cameras and Editing Workflow, Color Correction, Motion Graphic Design, and Microphone set up and Audio Recording.