Mike Darron


I realized in high school what I wanted to do for the rest of my life however, I had no idea how to achieve it. I was studying film, using advanced editing techniques and teaching other students my junior year of high school. Video editing was a strong passion of mine before I even took a post production course. Editing is the perfect combination between art and technology; no other job on set is like it. Video editors attempt to be unnoticed but our craft is one of the most significant. As I continued my education, I worked incredibly hard editing for both small businesses and on student films. It took me over three years of internships and volunteer work, gaining experience along the way, to begin turning a profit on my editing software. But money is not my primary motivation. I enjoy making videos that promote small businesses and raise donations for charitable organizations. I believe in giving back to the community, and have donated hundreds of hours of video editing to promoting both small industry and missions. I am passionate about Video Editing, and my enthusiasm shows in every completed project. Directors and Producers appreciate the focus and dedication that I bring to post production. My local network has grown due to my work ethic and the high quality products I produce. I have earned the respect of both students and teachers at Regent University. As for the future, my objective is to use my talents and skills to generate a successful career within the post production industry. Ultimately, I will continue to work within this field, no matter the position or job requirements. I know what my personal goals are, and I will achieve them.