Rick Unsworth


Owner, Marketing Director & Business Management Professional having both entrepreneurial and corporate level experience expertise in product development/launches, inventory control, technical solutions, quality control, environmental management, and P&L management. Grows profitability and market share gains by implementation product launches and technical innovations, formulating analysis models, improving client operations. Comprehensive experiences include product lifecycle rationalization and oversight with regional key clients, resulting in securing sales growth and operational improvements.


New Business Startup: Designed and marketing new recreational swim platform for the Outdoor Recreation Industry, www.floatnsled.com, www.northernpaddle.com. Regional Representative and Marketing director for the Great Lakes and Florida regions for Standup paddle boards, and accessories.

National Technical Field Quality Control Director and for product development/launches. Developed/Marketed client base quality control software/ internet networking systems, lowering operations cost.

Multi-year development of chemical systems, executed/drove roll-out into key retail markets, capturing key consumable contracts via client-side quality and operation cost improvements.

Optimized Inventory/Pricing Controls - via creation of forecasting/pricing program, improving customer communication.

Executed implementation of product launches, forecasting models, analytical pricing tools, and developed onsite training programs, insuring compliance Hazmat/OSHA Regulations.

Boosted sales productivity by formulating sales reporting platform establishing staff accountability as well as improved customer communication/interfacing, decision-making capabilities, and networking interface programs.

Created excel software programs providing network access to SAP, UPC, client SKU code information; efforts improved service, delivery, and communications to major clients.