Jesse Gessel


Being an Ambassador in the Outdoor Retail Industry has been the majority of my young professional career. The last four years I have worked with Outdoor Industry giant REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) and have worked my way up through the company as a Sales Specialist, Sales Lead, and Sales Manager. I have worked in multiple size retail locations varying from Sales volumes of 8 million per year to 17 million per year. My experiences working with diverse teams have allowed me to adapt to changing personalities and backgrounds to accomplish store goals. I drove sales, merchandising, customer experience, training and hired team members for each major department in the stores I worked in. My New Store Opening experiences have allowed me to have greater understanding on how a retail business is built from the ground up and is forever valuable. I have been put through difficult challenges and adversities with my own growth as an individual but also with developing employees to become leaders within the store or grooming them as a future manager. My personal brand is strong communication, self-starter, energetic, passionate, authentic, approachable and highly organized.