laurie hoody

laurie hoody

Merchandise Manager

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Primary closer for multi-million dollar accounts in outdoor specialty market. Enables and promotes the corporate business strategy through applying assertive and distinctive brand strategies, executing sales goals, developing compelling one-of-a-kind marketing opportunities, and reinforcing existing partnerships. Exceptional skill identifying, acquiring, and sustaining new partnerships. Deep experience and knowledge in all matters pertaining to Ecommerce with corresponding proficiency in brick and mortar operations.

Core Strengths:
• Proven repeated success securing vendor partnerships through compelling and cogent presentations and message tailoring
• Applies excellent understanding of product construction, materials, current trends, and branded technologies to curate both regionally and sales channel relevant assortments
• Wisely allocates resources while organizing and directing cross functioning teams with an emphasis on achieving maximum return on investment
• Utilizes out-of-the-box critical thinking along with excellent problem solving skills to advance corporate strategies and agenda while strengthening vendor partnerships
• Comfortable analyzing voluminous data sets, reinforced by a firm knowledge of retail math, transforming the results into understandable actionable information for corporate decision making
• Passionate and active participant in a wide array of outdoor activities, applying practical and technical product knowledge to the professional arena in order to create both cogent and meaningful product assortments which align with corporate directive.
• Integrates the look and feel of brick and mortar retail operations with the ubiquity of online shopping to optimize sales