Ray  Longoria

Ray Longoria

Business Growth Specialist, Advertising Executive, Analyst and Consultant

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Senior Business Analyst, Growth Specialist and ROI Professional Providing effective, strategic and operational leadership in successful business development, turnaround & start up organizations. Utilizing dynamic, results oriented vision and proactive leadership, maintaining a unique collaboration of 20+ years experience in revenue growth, leadership and implementation. Highly effective, accomplished revenue builder, trouble shooter and experienced analyst. Strategic planning execution, organizational improvements, implementations to build revenue, fostering new and established client relationships increasing profits. Exceptional background of "Hands On" proficient team building. Attracting and retaining an unrivaled workforce. Proven ability to leverage strengths among employees, colleagues and executives to ensure highest achievement levels with continued improvement processes, problem resolution, and motivational initiatives. Capitalizing on the development of efficient business processes. Experienced multiple franchise owner-operator skilled at expansion projects, branding, location awareness, hiring and staffing. Spearheaded, integrated, and operated various ROI campaigns utilizing sources including Google, Yahoo, Bing ensuring delivery while monitoring product demands reinventing internal/external branding, efficiency and adjustment to various market trends. Pioneered production planning, media purchasing via Internet, radio, newsprint, billboard, and TV platforms with attention to ROI ensuring competitive advertising and aggressive edge in industry field. Skilled motivational speaker and visionary leader. PSI graduate, educator and volunteer fostering positive morale, attracting top performers, and mentoring junior professionals. Introduced, performed and practiced various motivation training including; continuous improvement philosophy with processes and standardized activities, absolute openness, continued learning, and limitless growth.