Adam Baumgaertel


Adam Baumgaertel is a Sustaining Engineer at Switchcraft Inc, supporting production in product analysis and solutions and also supporting Sales in the design of custom product assemblies as well as costing of new product assemblies. In his 6 years at Switchcraft, he has become a "go to" for new Ideas and problem solutions ranging from cost savings and “quick fix” of a current designs to concept to completion custom designs. Adam has his degree in Industrial manufacturing and design technology, and has used his skills to be one of the most easy to work with and most knowledgeable engineers in the department. He works on products ranging from small connector pro-audio to large harsh environment connectors. He also have been incharge of several new product design projects carrying the new product from concept to completion. Adam’s background is in product design engineering, sustaining engineering, and manufacturing design and support. He has superb verbal and written skill, which give him a great edge to be able to carry out any problem solving and design challenge with great success.