Phi Le


I am a graduate student at Seattle University who is looking for an internal audit or accounting position in the accounting industry. My goal is to apply the skills I have learned from the classroom to help companies improve the efficiency of their accounting process. In pursing my interest in Internal Audit, I have joined the Internal Audit Student Association (IASA) club to learn more about working as a professional in the Internal Audit world. During my time at IASA, I have become a VP of finance who is in charge of the club budget and collect membership fees to fund the speaker events. I also help organizing a networking event for members to connect with others professional in the Seattle area. I am enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the accounting profession. I am a quick-learner when it comes to new ideas, skills and knowledge. I work well both in team and independent under minimal supervision environment. With a team of 4 members, my team and I have audited Seattle University campus meal plan to help improve their process. We determine the high risk areas of this process and use IDEA audit tools to analyze the students' data for completeness and accuracy in our project. We also compile our recommendations from our audit observations and auditing findings to present it to our executive (prof. Sarah Bee) and our client. In summer 2015, I participated in IT audit of Seattle University access governance project with other team members. We analyze and create process flow chart for elevated access request. Then, our team follow up with high risk areas for audit testing base from our risk assessment of the process.