Michelle Lewis


My career began in the legal field, having worked as a paralegal for 14 years. I found the job to be exciting. I loved the fast pace, and organizational skills were the key to success. Juggling multiple projects, deadlines and schedules - all while balancing the needs of clients and attorneys each with unique personalities and needs. While I loved the travel, the interaction with clients and co-workers, and the challenge of always having something new to look forward to, children entered my life and a change had to be made. Having a crisis of career, I wasn't sure which direction to go ... and stumbled across a sales job that allowed me to work around my kids busy lives. Again, organizational skills came into play. Having the discipline to work hard when necessary in order to be able to be present for my kids school events was extremely important to me. So you may find me responding to emails and writing sponsorship proposals at 1 am, and unavailable at 2 pm because I am at a school play. Commitment, devotion, love of my job and a passion for finding the perfect fit for my clients make my job a joy. Understanding that our clients don't keep "normal" business hours, neither do I. Evenings and weekends are the expectation, not the exception. Many of my clients have become close friends, and I am invested in making those personal connections with our clients. In the age of technology, we still do things the old fashioned way. We use this incredible device called the telephone. Handwritten notes aren't uncommon at our office - in fact a daily trip to the mailbox is the expectation. Having coffee, lunch or a drink with a client just to pick their brain on how we can improve what WE do is a weekly occurrence. Expect a hands on experience when working with us at our two sister companies: Bridal Festivals ... A Wedding Expo and Swoon ... A Party For Engaged Couples.