Crystalle Anchondo


My swimwear training of design and construction began just over ten years ago and I have never stopped since. I knew then that was the department that peaked my interest the most and craved the most passion to pursue. I finished schooling then with an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. I pursued working with a company who carried many brands of swimwear and studied all the types of construction along with fit and customer responses. I then began freelancing and creating swimwear for friends, family, and referrals. I wanted to improve my trade and create for the masses. I decided to return to school and obtain my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. In that time I began working for a swimwear manufacturer. I learned the in’s and out’s first hand of what it takes to create lines and put my degrees and experience to work. I was then asked to take on the full- time position as Swimwear Designer creating two lines from start to finish. The challenge was there and I took it willingly and drove it full force. In my daily routine I was handling the trend search and forecasting, presentation boards, hand sketching and digital design concepts, pattern making, sourcing, and technical design, with sometimes catalog design to name a few. There wasn’t a task too small or too big I wouldn’t take on. Sadly this came to an end when the owner decided to end development to pursue other ventures despite the market growth we were creating since I had come on as the designer. I am now looking forward to taking on a new venture and working as part of a team and creating swimwear with a new vision. I’m a hard working individual who is focused and detail oriented. I communicate and work well with others, while also being able to work independently and a self starter along side a problem solver.