Sara Cho


With a diverse background in Fine Arts, Philosophy and Fashion Design, I appreciate and approach design as an artist and as a critical thinker. As a member of a small design and production team, the importance of understanding and operating within many diverse roles was of the utmost importance. Further, knowing the importance of all tasks, from taking photos, sketching, to designing, and performing them in a timely manner, became imperative in order for a company to operate efficiently. Additionally, working as a part of a smaller company illustrated the necessity of teamwork. Our team’s commitment to cooperation helped our design team and company to not only run smoothly but flourish as well. While I previously worked in apparel, as an account manager to the highest grossing customer, I learned that design is all about understanding and engaging the customer. As an apparel designer, the product is apparel, but the key to any successfully designed product is always in understanding the consumer. Ultimately, I choose to work as a designer because it not only flexes the artistic and creative side of my mind, but the logical and mathematical side as well.