Aridae Van Sickle


Having grown up in Los Angeles, with parents who both work in the entertainment industry, I’ve always had a passion for all things film. As a film school graduate, I have been trained both on screen and off screen in various production roles and have worked tirelessly on countless projects. I have taken several screenwriting classes and written, directed, and produced a number of my own screenplays over the years. Not only have I honed my skills as a filmmaker, but I have also spent a great deal of time starting my career as a comedian, through my work as a character actress, comedic improviser and sketch comedy writer. I’m fluent in entertainment “lingo” and familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, making me an excellent addition to any entertainment industry team! I am a very outgoing and vivacious person, who loves to work with people. I am able to talk to people in all capacities and connect to them with ease. I’m very driven towards my goals and work very hard at any task I am given. I work well in groups as both a leader and a follower, but can also work in a solitary environment as well. Because of my extensive improv training, I have the ability to think fast on my feet and solve any problem that is thrown my way. I have received various accolades for my writing abilities over the years and consider myself an experienced and skilled writer. In addition, I have worked several customer service jobs, where I have worked tirelessly for clients and ensured them nothing but quality service. Aside from my personality traits, I am also proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, as well as skilled on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier editing software. I have operated a multitude of professional-grade cameras and I’m familiar with a wide range of sound recording systems and other various items of professional film equipment. I can also provide a copy of my reel and links to video portfolio, if needed!