Kaitlin Donnelly


I am a hard working, eager and goal-oriented professional with experience in many different areas of the corporate world such as media and communications, event planning, brand awareness, customer service, client relations and hospitality. I believe that my varied experience makes me a well rounded person who can excel at any task. I have been at my current job for two and a half years and I handle our largest convention with over 16,000 room nights on the peak nights of the convention.

I am an expert under pressure, which comes from my customer service experience, and I am not afraid to get involved in any kind of situation and walk away leaving a person who is pleased with their service and my work.

I also enjoy stepping outside the box and getting creative with my tactics, which comes from my work at Red Bull where it was up to me to think of fun and new ways to market a product that no one has tried before.

I enjoy my share of fun activities including music, art, reading, sports, and most importantly my puppy, and I hope to incorporate all of these things into my professional life as well.