Seth Pace


Seth Pace is a graphic designer from Ogden, Utah. He grew up in West Jordan. Seth went to Weber State University in Ogden, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in December 2014. Seth has done logo, app, web, and print design. He believes in design that is fun and unique; he believes the best way to communicate is through simplicity, a strong point in his design. Organization is key to his success, both in his design work and his life. Seth strives to find humor in all aspects of life, he loves when he can put his humor into the work that he does. He believes that humor is the best way to catch the eye and gain interest, while still keeping the design understandable. He always enjoys a good laugh. Seth gains inspiration through anything he sees in his life, he often stops what he is doing to jot down an idea in his pocket notebook. He is relaxed and easy to work with. In his spare time, he loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, the piano, and saxophone. Seth and his wife enjoy spending time with their 1-year-old son, who helps them find some of the humor and joy in life. Check out some of his work in his portfolio below!