Pete Feutz

Pete Feutz

Geologist, ready for anything new!

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I want my life to revolve around the outdoors and the people who share my passion. I am taking a very open minded approach and am willing to build upon any one of the skill sets that I have acquired since working professionally. I am lucky to have both a technical and business oriented background and am excited to see what opportunities will present themselves.

I have managed numerous projects in my career and have incorporated several aspects into each project including technical research, economic and budgetary forecasting and sales/marketing. I enjoy seeing projects progress from inception to live operation and like the challenge of adhering to tight schedules. I am coming from the oil industry where risk is high and deals are very competitive. Time is critical and piecing together even one solid project or decision can potentially make or break a company.

I have gained confidence in my ability to communicate between departments and with all hierarchies of management. I have found it essential to eliminate any unnecessary bottlenecks that are caused simply due to a lack of good communication between departments. I have experienced instances where my team and I have generated a sellable prospect and had to put forth an even greater effort to explain its value to board members who are not technically savvy whatsoever. I have learned to speak many different languages in order to bring everyone together on the same page.

I understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, vendors and competitors. I have been in charge of selecting third party crews to work in the field and realize that it is more than numbers on a piece of paper that get the job done consistently and efficiently. I have also been involved in many data rooms (oil industry sales meetings essentially) where it has been important to show respect no matter what is being presented and to respond diplomatically whether you like the deal or not so that you can still conduct business with the secondary company in any potential future dealings.