Harlow Russell


Profile: CEO/MD/GM/Country Management; Turnarounds & Start-Ups; Singapore/Vietnam/Indonesia/Malaysia/USA; E-Commerce; Education; Technology; Services; Real Estate; Logistics. Who I am: ? The Entrepreneur in the Corporation, the Corporate Professional in the Start-up ? Excellent track record building and transforming businesses ? 24 years of experience in Asian cross-cultural management 10 years in Technology and E-Commerce ? Seek full time permanent assignment ? Able to relocate quickly anywhere in SE Asia or USA 6 Values I bring to your Company: ? 1. Build trust and relationships with CEO’s and C-Level Executives ? 2. Speed to create new business and strategic market entry in Asia ? 3. American familiar and comfortable operating in Asia ? 4. Well seasoned in Asian’s current business challenges ? 5. Recruit, train, and coach sales and marketing teams ? 6. “Start-up Builder”