Michael W. Williams


An accomplished and strategic logistics professional with over 29 years of diversified experience in the manufacturing, logistics, consumer goods, distribution and health & beauty industry sectors. Strong knowledge for supply chain management requirements allows for seamless delivery from the vendor to customer improving on time delivery. A proven track record in understanding and maximizing use of manufacturing, enterprise and distribution systems. Known for having a significant understanding and ability to assess operational challenges and the ability to problem solve and find innovative solutions. Recognized professional who continues to deliver on challenging and complex distribution challenges. Well organized capabilities to develop and conduct robust in-house training for warehouse and logistics teams. Recognized for abilities to set up and rollout out new distribution centers nationally allowing for smooth transition to the customer. Known as a versatile and trusted leader who was serially promoted by senior management to assume a variety of internal management positions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. A collegial and accessible management style fosters stronger employee engagement and improved morale.// CORE COMPETENCIES Logistics Management, Supply chain, Enterpries implementation skills, Multi-Site distribution skills, Project management acumen, Proven inventroy managment abilities, Freight management capabilities, cost reduction and containment